How To Prove My Income As a Contractor For a Mortgage?

A contractor is identified as a combination of employed and self-employed applicants for mortgage purposes in the UK. Majority of contractors in the UK are working off payroll for clients who are similar to conventional employers.  Contractors provide their services based on agreed time and rate. This is where the contractors become different to standard […]

Can I Secure a Contractor Mortgage With Bad Credit?

The UK economy has more than doubled in size over the past three years. There is no doubt that this change in the workforce has changed the demand in the UK mortgage market. The lenders are developing policies and products suited for contractors, self-employed people, and mortgage applicants with poor credit scores. Will a lender […]

BTL Mortgages For Contractors

Most high street banks and building societies consider day rate contractors as being self-employed and will allow contractors to apply for a buy to let mortgage. Buy to Let mortgage products tend to be more expensive in terms of interest rates and product fees compared to residential mortgages. This is mainly due to the risk […]

Get The Best Property Deal With The Mortgage Advice Online Support

Fortunately, mortgages these days are available to people with all categories of credit histories and occupation state of affairs and are also available to acquire all kinds of properties for the general investment determinations. This condition was massively diverse to more than a few years ago when only a few registered lenders provided prime mortgage […]

Are Contractors Considered As Employed Or Self-Employed For Mortgage?

Typically, a high street bank will accept a new contractor with a two-year employment history in the same line of work. There are however other lenders in the market who are happy to work with contractors on a day rate, so with the right supporting documentation you can be assessed for mortgage eligibility. A Contractor Working […]

Can i Get a Mortgage With Late Payments And Defaults?

The mortgage application process becomes complex when credit commitments and other related payments are delayed, missed, or defaults. Some applicants give up when they have such issues. They could still find the correct remedy with the mortgage adviser to boost the credit score and apply for a mortgage with a suitable lender. What should the […]