How To Retain The Services Of A Top Mortgage Broker?

If you’re looking to take on a new mortgage, if it is a completely new one or you are simply looking to remortgage your existing one then you need to retain the services of a good mortgage, broker. You could look at someone like Independent Mortgage Brokers online if you’re considering buying for the first time, selling […]

When Do I Need To Start The Remortgage Process?

Timing is the most important factor when it comes to remortgaging. Applicants need to figure out what is the best time to apply for a mortgage, when they are on a fixed deal term mortgage, and they are fixed deal is coming to an end. If they don’t remortgage in time, they will have to […]

Things That Lenders Consider When Remortgaging A Property

High Street lenders and building societies in the UK have a portfolio of mortgage products for refinancing services. There are many factors that the lenders consider when assessing a mortgage application for a remortgage. A mortgage adviser who specialized in remortgaging would help you to analyze your circumstances to find a suitable new lender. It […]

Should I Re-Mortgage Or Apply For Product Switch With The Existing Lender?

Many people decide to remortgage or apply for product switches on their homes. You might be wondering just how easy it is to remortgage your home and how it could benefit you. With many lenders, it is possible to remortgage your home once you have had your mortgage for at least six months, although this […]

Property Valuations For Re-Mortgaging?

Property investments are long-term, and homebuyers need to make sure that their chosen property is both structurally sound and fairly priced, and so likely to pass the lender’s assessment process for mortgage lending. Equally, lenders will use the valuation process to ensure their investment is secure and to decide how much to lend. There are […]

Is My Income Enough To Apply For A Re-Mortgage?

High street lenders and building societies have specific criteria for employed and self-employed mortgage applicants. Some applicants have a hybrid version of employed and self-employed income. It makes things complicated for the underwriters when assessing a mortgage application. Mortgage providers have specified criteria for different types of income to mitigate the difficulties in income classification. […]