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Mortgages with a CCJ

Did you know, if you have a CCJ then it will have a negative impact on your credit record as well as on your mortgage application. Some lenders may reject your application if you have a CCJ. And you already know about mortgages but now we will look at the problems and solutions if you have a CCJ. To find out more about this contact our Independent Mortgage Brokers specialist to discuss your circumstances.

Want to get a mortgage with a CCJ

Confused why you got a refusal for a mortgage and would like to know why? This could be due your previous bad credit score or CCJ registered in your name.   There are options still available to you and I am going to add a few important points on how to get a mortgage if you have a CCJ.

Firstly, what is a CCJ? –  CCJ stands for County Court Judgement and having a CCJ can be very detrimental to your name, especially when it comes to applying for mortgage, opening a new bank account or applying for credit.

So, can you get a mortgage with a CCJ? The answer is yes! It is still possible to obtain a mortgage even though you have a CCJ on your credit file. but it will depend on a certain number of factors, such as.

  1. One of the major factors is when your CCJ was registered. So, the older your CCJ is the more possibility of securing a mortgage.
  2. You will improve your chances if your CCJ has a mark as “satisfied”. This means that you have paid the CCJ in full.
  3. A CCJ will affect the amount of deposit that is required. The LTV (loan to value) can be affected, lenders are likely to have less risk to take.
  4. The number of CCJ can also impact your application, along with a record of late or missed payments, could limit your mortgage options.

How do you know if you have a CCJ?

To be more accurate, you can check your credit file, with either Experian, Equifax or call credit.

Information about a CCJ

Some people get frightened if they receive a court warrant that they have a CCJ and this is completely wrong. If you think you the CCJ is incorrect, then you can contact the court direct for further advice. There is a cheaper method that is recommended before going to court is ‘mediation’. If you then lose a case in court then you may receive a CCJ. So, you will have 30 days to pay for the CCJ. If you can pay within these 30 days then there will be no CCJ mark in your credit profile. Again, if you can’t make it before these 30 days then CCJ will appear on your profile. Once you have the CCJ on your profile it may limit your options to get a mortgage but it’s not impossible. Potentially you could still get a mortgage and I would recommend seeking advice from a Mortgage Advisor.

What is your credit rating?

Your credit score is determined by many factors,for example, if you miss your repayments and also not registering on the electoral are two contributing factors. If your credit score is high it means you may have the optionof more potential lenders because you are viewed of less of a risk. It will also prove that you are more reliable and responsible and a lower credit score may result in a negative affect when applying for a mortgage.

Can you improve your credit score?

To improve your credit score there are some criteria you must follow. By ensuring all credit agreements are pain on time and cleared in full. For example, by maintaining your payments, no late payments on your bills, and avoiding new loans or credit cards. This will improve your credit score over time.

What will happen if you miss payments on your CCJ?

If you forget or you miss your payments on CCJ potentially court actionmay be taken against you. These could be taking control of belongings by an officer, restraining an “attachment of earnings order” where the creditor will deduct your wages before even you receive. The creditor could repossess your property if your debt is a secured loan. It is very important for you to meet all the repayments on a CCJ. If you are not able to pay all at once, then you speak to your creditor to agree to a monthly instalment plan.


Do you know what’s the most detrimental thing you can have regarding the credit score? Well, if you don’t then you need to learn all about the impact of a CCJ. By concluding the important facts on how to get a mortgage if someone has a CCJ registered, you can follow some necessary steps,  as it can be a lot easier than you can imagine. So, there is nothing to be worried about if you have CCJ registered. You can still apply for a new bank account, find a mortgage, and you can also get the chance to apply for credit. We at Independent Mortgage Brokers provide every piece of information online and mortgage advice


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